FDA Approved Housing Scheme List

So, you might have heard about the FDA Approved Housing Scheme List but not really sure what it’s all about. Well, let me break it down for you in plain and simple terms. The FDA, or Food and Drug Administration, is responsible for ensuring the safety and efficacy of various products, including housing schemes. The FDA Approved Housing Scheme List basically means that these housing schemes have met certain standards set by the FDA to ensure they are safe and up to code. This list acts as a guideline for consumers looking to invest in a housing scheme, providing them with assurance that their investment is in compliance with FDA regulations. So if you’re in the market for a new home and see a housing scheme on the FDA Approved list, you can rest easy knowing it has been thoroughly vetted for your peace of mind.

1100 Homes Chak No. 204/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
2A.Zee Housing Chak No. 234/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
3Abdullah Defence Chak No. 229/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
4Abdullah Farm Housing Scheme Chak No.204/RBFaisalabad0Approved
5Air Avinue City, Chak No. 230/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
6Akbar Housing Scheme Chak No. 204/RBFaisalabad0Approved
7Al Barkah Chak No. 226/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
8Al barkat Villas, Chak No. 226/RB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
9Al-Hamra Town Chak No.199/RBFaisalabad0Approved
10Al-Haram Town Chak No. 66/JBFaisalabad0Approved
11Al-Jameel Farm Housing Scheme Chak No. 217/RBFaisalabad0Approved
12Al-Mahboob Garden Chak No. 223/RBFaisalabad0Approved
13Al-Qasim Blossom View Chak No.121/JB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
14Al-Raheem Valley Chak No. 215/RBFaisalabad0Approved
15Al-Raheem Valley Extension Chak No. 215/RB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Approved
16Ali Town Sitara Gold city, Chak No. 215/RB, Satyana Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
17Alpha Housing Chak No. 296/RBFaisalabad0Approved
18Amin Town Chak No. 207/RBFaisalabad0Approved
19Babar Sultan Valley Chak No. 258/RB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Approved
20Bilal City Chak No. 197/RBFaisalabad0Approved
21Bilal Garden 196 RB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Approved
22Bilal Orchard, Chak No.196/RB, Ghona Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
23Bismillah Orchard Chak No. 61/GB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
24Canal Park Chak No.204/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
25Canal Valley Chak No. 209 & 215/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
26Canal Villas Chak No. 204/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
27Chenab Garden Chak No. 223/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
28CITI Housing Scheme Chak No. 234/RBFaisalabad0Approved
29CITI Housing Scheme Chak No. 4&5/JBFaisalabad0Approved
30Cooperative Housing and Building Society Employees of University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Chak No. 196/RBFaisalabad0Approved
31Deens Paradise VIP Block Chak No. 233/RB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
32Defence City, Chak No. 226/RB & 238/RB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
33Defence Paradise Chak No. 222/RB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Approved
34Defence view Executive Block Chak No. 226/RB Satiana Road Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
35Defense Fort Chak No. 223 RBFaisalabad0Approved
36Din Gardens Chak No. 144/RB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Approved
37Doctor City Chak No 238/RB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Approved
38Eden Garden Chak No. 208/RBFaisalabad0Approved
39Eden Garden Executive Block Chak No. 208/RBFaisalabad0Approved
40Eden Garden Phase-II Chak No. 208/RBFaisalabad0Approved
41Eden Orchard Chak No. 121/JBFaisalabad0Approved
42Eden Villas Chak No. 222/RBFaisalabad0Approved
43Ejaz Town Chak No.124/JB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
44Executive Block Chak No. 204/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
45Executive City Chak No. 215/RB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Approved
46Faisal Town Chak No.217/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
47Faisalabad Lawyers Cooperative Housing Society Chak No. 198/RBFaisalabad0Approved
48Fareed Town Chak No.214/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
49Fatima Block Chak No. 209/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
50Ghafoor Garden Chak No. 204/RBFaisalabad0Approved
51Govt: Employees Co- Operative Housing Society Scheme-I Chak No.213/RBFaisalabad0Approved
52Govt: Employees Co-Operative Housing Society-II Chak No.199/RBFaisalabad0Approved
53Green Block Chak No. 204/RBFaisalabad0Approved
54GREEN BLOCK PHASE-IV Chak No. 204/RB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Approved
55Green Orchard Chak No. 209 RB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Approved
56Green Town Chak No.122/JBFaisalabad0Approved
57Green Valley Chak No. 234/RBFaisalabad0Approved
58Green View Colony Chak No.123/RBFaisalabad0Approved
59Gulberg Valley Chak No. 215/RBFaisalabad0Approved
60GULBERG VILLAS Chak No. 219/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
61Gulshan-e-Hayat Chak No.220/RBFaisalabad0Approved
62Gulshan-e-Iqbal Chak No.222/RBFaisalabad0Approved
63Gulshan-e-Madina Chak No.120/JBFaisalabad0Approved
64Haider Garden Chak No. 119/GB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
65Haider Valley Chak No. 225/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
66Hameed Town Chak No.124/JB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
67Hamza Homes Chak No. 204/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
68Haven Habitat-I Chak No.204/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
69Ibraheem Bajwa Town Chak No.217/RBFaisalabad0Approved
70Ibrahim Villas Chak No. 199/RBFaisalabad0Approved
71Icon Gold Valley Chak No. 192/RB Faislabad.Faisalabad0Approved
72Ideal Valley Chak No. 202/RBFaisalabad0Approved
73Image Villas, Chak No. 225/RB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
74Iqbal Block, Chak No. 204/RB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Approved
75Iqbal Town Chak No.124/JBFaisalabad0Approved
76Ismael Green, Chak No. 196/RB, Millat Road, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Approved
77Jalal Town Chak No.196/RBFaisalabad0Approved
78Jamil Town Chak No.124/JBFaisalabad0Approved
79Jawad Town, Chak No. 223/RB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
80Johar Town, Chak No. 243/RB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
81Kamal Avenue City Chak No. 230/RBFaisalabad0Approved
82Karim Town Chak No.224/RBFaisalabad0Approved
83Khalid Town Chak No. 7/JB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
84Khayaban e Manzoor Chak No. 209/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
85Khayaban Garden Hassan Block Chak No. 121/JB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
86Koh-I-Noor Town Chak No.213/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
87LalazarColony Chak No.226/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
88LCM Canal Burg Chak No. 212/RBFaisalabad0Approved
89Liaqat Town Chak No.220/RBFaisalabad0Approved
90Lyallpur Avenue Chak No.227/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
91Lyallpur Garden Chak No. 212/RBFaisalabad0Approved
92Lyallpur Villas Chak No. 204/RBFaisalabad0Approved
93Madina Garden, Chak No. 234/RB, Samundari Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
94Madina Garden, Chak No. 239/GB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
95Madina Garden, Chak No. 387/GB, Samundari Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
96Madina Green Valley, Chak No. 214/RB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Approved
97Manan Town Chak No. 121/JBFaisalabad0Approved
98MID City Chak No.207/RB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
99Millat Colony Chak Chak No.223/RBFaisalabad0Approved
100Millat Town-III Chak No.196/RBFaisalabad0Approved
101Model City Chak No. 465/GBFaisalabad0Approved
102Model City Royal Villas, Chak No. 214/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
103Model City-II Chak No. 238/RBFaisalabad0Approved
104Model Town, Chak No. 263/RB, Samundari Road, dijkot, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
105Muhammad Ali Housing Scheme Chak No. 222/RBFaisalabad0Approved
106Muhammad Khan Town Chak No.207/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
107Nasir Town Chak No.224/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
108Nawab City Chak No. 5/JB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
109Nawaz Town Chak No.120/JBFaisalabad0Approved
110Nazimabad City Chak No. 220/RBFaisalabad0Approved
111Nazimabad Villas Chak No. 220/ RB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Approved
112New Farid Town Chak No.196/RBFaisalabad0Approved
113New Garden Block Phase II, Chak No.208/RBFaisalabad0Approved
114New Garden Town Chak No.214/RBFaisalabad0Approved
115New Muslim Town Chak No. 120/JBFaisalabad0Approved
116Niaz Garden Chak No.242/RBFaisalabad0Approved
117Oasis Orchard Chak No.223/RB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Approved
118Omega Residencia chak no.3/JB, FSDFaisalabad0Approved
119Orchard Homes Chak No. 239/RBFaisalabad0Approved
120Orchard Homes Zaman Block Chak No. 239/RBFaisalabad0Approved
121Palm Villas Chak No. 217/RBFaisalabad0Approved
122Park View Colony Chak No.200/RBFaisalabad0Approved
123Park View Homes Chak No.5/JB, Sargodha Road Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
124Pine Garden Chak No. 209 RB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Approved
125Pine Park Chak No. 117/JB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
126Premium Block Chak No. 204/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
127Prime City Chak NO. 239/RB, Staina Road, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Approved
128Rachna Town Chak No.214/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
129Rafi Villas Chak No. 119/GB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
130Raheem Block Chak No. 204/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
131Rahim Town Chak No.220/RBFaisalabad0Approved
132Raja Park Chak No.222/RBFaisalabad0Approved
133Raza Garden Chak No.204/RBFaisalabad0Approved
134Raza Town Chak No.204/RBFaisalabad0Approved
135Rehman Block Chak No. 204/RBFaisalabad0Approved
136Rehmat Town Chak No.124/JBFaisalabad0Approved
137Riaz-ul-Jinnah Umar Block Chak No. 7/JBFaisalabad0Approved
138Saeed Colony, 213/RBFaisalabad0Approved
139Safeena Town Chak No.200/RBFaisalabad0Approved
140Salma Town Chak No.224/RBFaisalabad0Approved
141Sareena Town Chak No.200/RBFaisalabad0Approved
142Sehgal City Chak No. 234/RB (Approved by TMA)Faisalabad0Approved
143Shadman Town Chak No.120/JBFaisalabad0Approved
144Shahbaz Town Chak No.220/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
145Shalimar Homes 213/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
146Shalimar Park Chak No.224/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
147Sitara Abban Valley Chak No. 197/RB & 198/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
148Sitara Colony Chak No.222/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
149Sitara Diamond City 226/RB, Satyana RoadFaisalabad0Approved
150Sitara Gold City Chak No. 215/RBFaisalabad0Approved
151Sitara Heights Chak No.120/JB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
152Sitara Park City Chak No. 215/RBFaisalabad0Approved
153Sitara Park City Extension Chak No. 215/RBFaisalabad0Approved
154Sitara Qamar Villas Chak No. 198/RB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Approved
155Sitara Sapna City Chak No.123/JBFaisalabad0Approved
156Sitara Supreme City Chak No.119/JB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
157Sitara Valley Chak No. 197/RB & 198/RBFaisalabad0Approved
158Sitara Villas Chak No. 197/RB, 198/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
159Smart Block Sitara Diamond City 226/RB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Approved
160SMD City Chak No. 196/RB, 202/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
161Sultan Town Chak No.217/RBFaisalabad0Approved
162Syed Block Chak No. 207/RBFaisalabad0Approved
163Tech Town, Phase-V, Chak No. 225/RB, Malkhan wala, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
164Tech. Town Phase-II & III, Chak No. 226/RBFaisalabad0Approved
165The Fasialabad Lawyers Cooperative Housing Society, Chak No. 208/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
166The Four Seasons Phase-I Chak No. 234/RBFaisalabad0Approved
167The Four Seasons Phase-II Chak No. 234/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
168The Meadows Phase-I, Chak No. 234/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
169The Meadows Phase-II, Chak No. 234/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
170Top City Chak No. 236/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
171Umar Garden Chak No. 204/RBFaisalabad0Approved
172Usman Block Chak No.120/JBFaisalabad0Approved
173Vista Homes Chak No. 121/JBFaisalabad0Approved
174Wadi-e-Sitara Chak No. 200/RBFaisalabad0Approved
175WAPDA City Chak No.192/RBFaisalabad0Approved
176Younis Town Chak No. 225/RBFaisalabad0Approved
177Zee Garden Chak No. 198/RB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Approved
178Abadi Albarkat BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
179Abbas Town (Gulshan-e-Haider)Faisalabad0Illegal
180Abdullah BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
181Abdullah GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
182Abdullah Garden VIP BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
183Abdullah Garden/ Sq. No. 29,Faisalabad0Illegal
184Abdullah TownFaisalabad0Illegal
185Adan ValleyFaisalabad0Illegal
186Ahmad CityFaisalabad0Illegal
187Ahmad GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
188Ahmad Garden -IIFaisalabad0Illegal
189Ahmad Garden-IFaisalabad0Illegal
190Ahmad Town,Faisalabad0Illegal
191Ahmed GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
192Ahmed GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
193Ahmed GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
194Ahmed Garden Phase-IIFaisalabad0Illegal
195Ahmed TownFaisalabad0Illegal
196Ahmed Villas/ Sq. No. 7Faisalabad0Illegal
197Ahsan GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
198Ahsan ParkFaisalabad0Illegal
199Air Avenue City Phase-IIFaisalabad0Illegal
200Akbar TownFaisalabad0Illegal
201Akram GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
202Al Madina CityFaisalabad0Illegal
203Al masood GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
204Al najuf gardenFaisalabad0Illegal
205Al Noor BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
206Al Noor VillasFaisalabad0Illegal
207Al Raheem valleyFaisalabad0Illegal
208Al Rehmat/ Health CityFaisalabad0Illegal
209Al- Masoom GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
210Al- Noor Garden (Abid Block)Faisalabad0Illegal
211Al-Basit BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
212Al-fareed Azafi AbadiFaisalabad0Illegal
213Al-Jannat villasFaisalabad0Illegal
214Al-Khair TownFaisalabad0Illegal
215Al-Madina GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
216Al-Madina TownFaisalabad0Illegal
217Al-Rehman GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
218Ali BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
219Ali GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
220Ali TownFaisalabad0Illegal
221Ali VillasFaisalabad0Illegal
222Ali VillasFaisalabad0Illegal
223Ali VillasFaisalabad0Illegal
224Allied GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
225Allied housing-IIFaisalabad0Illegal
226Aqsa TownFaisalabad0Illegal
227Aqsa TownFaisalabad0Illegal
228Aqsa Town,Faisalabad0Illegal
229Arbab GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
230Asad Villas / Asad Garden / Defence View / Iqbal TownFaisalabad0Illegal
231Ashfaq GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
232Ashfaq Town Sq No. 46Faisalabad0Illegal
233Awan TownFaisalabad0Illegal
234Ayesha BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
235Ayub ColonyFaisalabad0Illegal
236Ayyan CityFaisalabad0Illegal
237Azafi AbadiFaisalabad0Illegal
238Azafi AbadiFaisalabad0Illegal
239Azafi abadiFaisalabad0Illegal
240Azafi abadiFaisalabad0Illegal
241Azafi abadiFaisalabad0Illegal
242Azafi abadiFaisalabad0Illegal
243Azafi Abadi / model block C Sq No. 24 Killa No. 7, 8Faisalabad0Illegal
244Azafi Abadi 202.RBFaisalabad0Illegal
245Azafi abadi 258/Madina BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
246Azafi Abadi Adda Sohal (Z.H Developers)Faisalabad0Illegal
247Azafi Abadi Ahmed NagarFaisalabad0Illegal
248Azafi Abadi Ahmed NagarFaisalabad0Illegal
249Azafi abadi Ahmed NagarFaisalabad0Illegal
250Azafi Abadi Akbar NagarFaisalabad0Illegal
251Azafi abadi Ali ParkFaisalabad0Illegal
252Azafi Abadi Awan WalaFaisalabad0Illegal
253Azafi abadi burjFaisalabad0Illegal
254Azafi Abadi dharoraFaisalabad0Illegal
255Azafi Abadi GattwalaFaisalabad0Illegal
256Azafi Abadi GhaniyaFaisalabad0Illegal
257Azafi Abadi Gulam Muhammad Abad Sq No. 56Faisalabad0Illegal
258Azafi Abadi hari singhFaisalabad0Illegal
259Azafi abadi Himmat PuraFaisalabad0Illegal
260Azafi Abadi JahangirFaisalabad0Illegal
261Azafi Abadi Kamal PurFaisalabad0Illegal
262Azafi Abadi KhanuanaFaisalabad0Illegal
263Azafi Abadi MakoanaFaisalabad0Illegal
264Azafi Abadi Millat Town III /Green GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
265Azafi Abadi MogianFaisalabad0Illegal
266Azafi Abadi Muhammad NagarFaisalabad0Illegal
267Azafi Abadi Near Ahmed Din ValleyFaisalabad0Illegal
268Azafi Abadi Niamat TownFaisalabad0Illegal
269Azafi Abadi Ramzan NagarFaisalabad0Illegal
270Azafi abadi roshan wallaFaisalabad0Illegal
271Azafi Abadi Sq no 24 killa no 15 to 18Faisalabad0Illegal
272Azafi Abadi Sq No. 13Faisalabad0Illegal
273Azafi abadi Sq No. 53 Killa No. 5, 6Faisalabad0Illegal
274Azafi Abadi Sq No. 8Faisalabad0Illegal
275Azafi Abadi Sq No.42 Killa No.14 to 17Faisalabad0Illegal
276Azafi Abadi Sq No.46 Kialla No.6,7,8,9Faisalabad0Illegal
277Azafi Abadi Sq no.49 Killa No.2,3,4Faisalabad0Illegal
278Azafi Abadi Sq No.56 Killa No.6,7,8Faisalabad0Illegal
279Azafi abadi Sq. No 20Faisalabad0Illegal
280Azafi abadi Sq.69Faisalabad0Illegal
281Azafi Abadi Sq.No.29, Killa No.13/1,14/1,15/1,16,17,18,23, 24& 25Faisalabad0Illegal
282Azafi Abadi Sq.No.33, Killa No.2 min, 3, 4, 8.Faisalabad0Illegal
283Azafi Abadi Sq.No.34, Killa No.9 to 12Faisalabad0Illegal
284Azafi Abadi Tikkay WalaFaisalabad0Illegal
285Azafi Abadi Wazeer WalaFaisalabad0Illegal
286Azafi Abadi, Mohallah Tariq Abad Near Bohar Wali AbadiFaisalabad0Illegal
287Azafi Abadi, Roshan Wala Block, Sq. No. 10Faisalabad0Illegal
288Azafi Abadi, Sq. No. 56 Killa No. 13, 19, 22,Faisalabad0Illegal
289Azafi Abadi, Sq. No. 81, Killa No.21. 22, 23, 24Faisalabad0Illegal
290Azafi Abadi, Stop No. 5,Faisalabad0Illegal
291Babul IslamFaisalabad0Illegal
292Basit Developers Suleman ColonyFaisalabad0Illegal
293Best HomesFaisalabad0Illegal
294Bilal BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
295Bismillah GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
296Bismillah Phase-IIFaisalabad0Illegal
297Bismillah TownFaisalabad0Illegal
298Bismillah TownFaisalabad0Illegal
299BismillahPur Azafi abadiFaisalabad0Illegal
300Blossom avenue/city extensionFaisalabad0Illegal
301Canal Views,Faisalabad0Illegal
302Ch Amjad Azafi AbadiFaisalabad0Illegal
303chishtia valleyFaisalabad0Illegal
304City HomeFaisalabad0Illegal
305Civic CityFaisalabad0Illegal
306Danial CityFaisalabad0Illegal
307Danial TownFaisalabad0Illegal
308Dasua GreenFaisalabad0Illegal
309Dil Khush GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
310Dogar TownFaisalabad0Illegal
311Dream Land VillasFaisalabad0Illegal
312Dry Port CityFaisalabad0Illegal
313Emaan VillasFaisalabad0Illegal
314Emaan Villas-I,Faisalabad0Illegal
315Emaan Villas-IIFaisalabad0Illegal
316Emaan Villas-IIIFaisalabad0Illegal
317Faizan BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
318Fareed TownFaisalabad0Illegal
319Fareed TownFaisalabad0Illegal
320Fareed Town-IIFaisalabad0Illegal
321Fareed Town-IIFaisalabad0Illegal
322Farm House,Faisalabad0Illegal
323Farooq Block I,IIFaisalabad0Illegal
324Fateh TownFaisalabad0Illegal
325Fatima Garden 236/RBFaisalabad0Illegal
326Fatima Garden Phase-IIFaisalabad0Illegal
327Fatima Garden=IIIFaisalabad0Illegal
328Ghafoor TownFaisalabad0Illegal
329Ghafoor TownFaisalabad0Illegal
330Ghazi Shah TownFaisalabad0Illegal
332Gold CityFaisalabad0Illegal
333Grand City 3/JBFaisalabad0Illegal
334Grand City 3/JB59Faisalabad0Illegal
335Grand Iconic CityFaisalabad0Illegal
336Grand View CityFaisalabad0Illegal
337Green PalmFaisalabad0Illegal
338Green TownFaisalabad0Illegal
339Green Town (Kiran Block)Faisalabad0Illegal
340Green Town Azafi AbadiFaisalabad0Illegal
341Green ValleyFaisalabad0Illegal
342Green VillasFaisalabad0Illegal
343Green/Al Kareem Villas.Faisalabad0Illegal
344Gulberg CityFaisalabad0Illegal
345Gulberg GreenFaisalabad0Illegal
346Gulshan ArfatFaisalabad0Illegal
347Gulshan BarkatFaisalabad0Illegal
348Gulshan e Ali HaiderFaisalabad0Illegal
349Gulshan e BilalFaisalabad0Illegal
350Gulshan e Haram ExtensionFaisalabad0Illegal
351Gulshan e IbrahimFaisalabad0Illegal
352Gulshan e MadinaFaisalabad0Illegal
353Gulshan e RehmanFaisalabad0Illegal
354Gulshan e RehmatFaisalabad0Illegal
355Gulshan e UsmanFaisalabad0Illegal
356Gulshan TararFaisalabad0Illegal
357Gulshan- e- AzizFaisalabad0Illegal
360Gulshane Ali Phase-IIFaisalabad0Illegal
361Gulshane MoeenFaisalabad0Illegal
362Habib Town-IIFaisalabad0Illegal
363Habib VillasFaisalabad0Illegal
364Hafeez TownFaisalabad0Illegal
365Haider homesFaisalabad0Illegal
366Hamza TownFaisalabad0Illegal
367Hamza TownFaisalabad0Illegal
368Haq Bahoo TownFaisalabad0Illegal
369Haq Bahoo TownFaisalabad0Illegal
370Haq Bahoo Town, Phase-VFaisalabad0Illegal
371Hassan BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
372Hassan Block.Faisalabad0Illegal
373Hassan GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
374Hassan VillasFaisalabad0Illegal
375Hassan Villas ExtensionFaisalabad0Illegal
376Hayat TownFaisalabad0Illegal
377Heaven VillasFaisalabad0Illegal
378Hunain ValleyFaisalabad0Illegal
379Ibrahim BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
380Ibrahim TownFaisalabad0Illegal
381Ibrahim Town Vip BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
382Ibrahim VillasFaisalabad0Illegal
383Ideal BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
384Ideal TownFaisalabad0Illegal
385Ideal TownFaisalabad0Illegal
386Inaam Villas Phase-IFaisalabad0Illegal
387Iqbal TownFaisalabad0Illegal
388Iqbal TownFaisalabad0Illegal
389Iqbal Town/Pensota TownFaisalabad0Illegal
390Ismaeel HomesFaisalabad0Illegal
391Jamia Colony New BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
392Jelani ParkFaisalabad0Illegal
393Jhanda Singh Azafi AbadiFaisalabad0Illegal
394JM ValleyFaisalabad0Illegal
395Junaid GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
396Kabeer TownFaisalabad0Illegal
397Kalar Colony, Sq. No. 67Faisalabad0Illegal
398Karam Daad BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
399Kareem CityFaisalabad0Illegal
400Kareem GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
401Kashmir ValleyFaisalabad0Illegal
402Khadim BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
403Khadim ColonyFaisalabad0Illegal
404Khayaban GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
405Khewat No. 4606, Khtooni No. 13500 to 13554 Salam khewat Sq. No. 48 Kita 102,Faisalabad0Illegal
406Kiran ValleyFaisalabad0Illegal
407Kiran VillasFaisalabad0Illegal
408Lasani CityFaisalabad0Illegal
409Lasani GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
410Lasani Park, Sq. No. 78,Faisalabad0Illegal
411Lasani TownFaisalabad0Illegal
412Liaqat CityFaisalabad0Illegal
413Liaqat TownFaisalabad0Illegal
414Madina Garden Azafi abadiFaisalabad0Illegal
415Madina ValleyFaisalabad0Illegal
416Madina ValleyFaisalabad0Illegal
417Madina VillasFaisalabad0Illegal
418Madina VillasFaisalabad0Illegal
419Madina VillasFaisalabad0Illegal
420Madni GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
421Makka City Phase-I,II & IIIFaisalabad0Illegal
422Makkah CityFaisalabad0Illegal
423Maqbool TownFaisalabad0Illegal
424Maryam VillasFaisalabad0Illegal
425Millat GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
426Model blockFaisalabad0Illegal
427Model TownFaisalabad0Illegal
428Model Town VillasFaisalabad0Illegal
429Mohalla Fazal abad Azafi AbadiFaisalabad0Illegal
430Moon/Ali GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
431Motorway ValleyFaisalabad0Illegal
432Motorway villageFaisalabad0Illegal
433Muhammad Naghar Azafi Abadi, Kartary WalaFaisalabad0Illegal
434Mukhatar TownFaisalabad0Illegal
435Muzamal GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
436Muzdalifa GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
437Naseem GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
438Naveed ParkFaisalabad0Illegal
439New City HousingFaisalabad0Illegal
440New FakharabadFaisalabad0Illegal
441New lathianwalFaisalabad0Illegal
442New Nayamat Town / Abadi Tufail Bhatta,Faisalabad0Illegal
443New nazimada Phase IIFaisalabad0Illegal
444New Samana TownFaisalabad0Illegal
445Noor Paradise/Noor Muhammad TownFaisalabad0Illegal
446Palm ValleyFaisalabad0Illegal
447Palm Vista CityFaisalabad0Illegal
448Pearl ValleyFaisalabad0Illegal
449Pensara cityFaisalabad0Illegal
450Private Housing Scheme Rajay WalaFaisalabad0Illegal
451Qadir TownFaisalabad0Illegal
452Qamar blockFaisalabad0Illegal
453Qayyum GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
454Raees Garden/ Yaseen BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
455Rafique GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
456Rasheed ColonyFaisalabad0Illegal
457Rasheed GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
458Ravi GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
459Raza GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
460Rehman CityFaisalabad0Illegal
461Rehman CityFaisalabad0Illegal
462Rehman Garden/Rehman TownFaisalabad0Illegal
463Rehman TownFaisalabad0Illegal
464Rehman Town 1&2Faisalabad0Illegal
465Rehman ValleyFaisalabad0Illegal
466Rehmat TownFaisalabad0Illegal
467Rohaab BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
468Rose GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
469Roshan CityFaisalabad0Illegal
470Royal GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
471Saad GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
472Sadat Town,Faisalabad0Illegal
473sadiq townFaisalabad0Illegal
474Saeed GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
475Saeed VillasFaisalabad0Illegal
476Safia BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
477Saifi BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
478Sandhu TownFaisalabad0Illegal
479Sandhu TownFaisalabad0Illegal
480Sangham GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
481Sangum TownFaisalabad0Illegal
482Saroya CityFaisalabad0Illegal
483Sasta Ghar Housing SchemeFaisalabad0Illegal
484Shadi PuraFaisalabad0Illegal
485Shamas villasFaisalabad0Illegal
486Shareef BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
487Shazaib valley/Zain BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
488Siddiqui TownFaisalabad0Illegal
489Sidhar Village,Faisalabad0Illegal
490Sidhar Villas/VillagedFaisalabad0Illegal
491Sidhu TownFaisalabad0Illegal
492Smart City / Ajwa Garden / Rehman CityFaisalabad0Illegal
493Smart City Phase- IIIFaisalabad0Illegal
494Sohal VIP BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
495SQ No. 103Faisalabad0Illegal
496Sq No. 57 Killa No. 19, 22Faisalabad0Illegal
497Sq No. 84 Killa No. 8/1,9/2, 2/2Faisalabad0Illegal
498Sq No. 90 Killa No. 12, 13, 19MinFaisalabad0Illegal
499Sq No.16 Killa No.20,21Faisalabad0Illegal
500Sq No.49 Killa No.16,25Faisalabad0Illegal
501Sq No.58 killa No.5,6Faisalabad0Illegal
502Sq No.64 Killa No.6 to 9,11 to 15Faisalabad0Illegal
503Sq No.70 Killa No.4,5,7Faisalabad0Illegal
504Sq No.76 Killa No.1 to 10Faisalabad0Illegal
505Sq. No. 14Faisalabad0Illegal
506Sq. No. 16, Killa No. 10, 11, 20, 21Faisalabad0Illegal
507Sq. No. 29, Killa No. 1 to 4Faisalabad0Illegal
508Sq. No. 36, Killa No. 6, 7Faisalabad0Illegal
509Sq. No. 42, Killa No. 4, 6, 7, 14, 17, 24Faisalabad0Illegal
510Sq. No. 43, Killa No. 1 to 25Faisalabad0Illegal
511Sq. No. 64Faisalabad0Illegal
512Sq. No. 65, Killa No. 24, 25,Faisalabad0Illegal
513Sq. No. 65.Faisalabad0Illegal
514Sq. No. 66,Faisalabad0Illegal
515Sq. No. 73, Killa No. 2, 3, 7 to 9, 12 to 14,Faisalabad0Illegal
516Sq. No. 76, Killa No. 1 to 10Faisalabad0Illegal
517Sq. No. 86, Killa No. 14 to 17Faisalabad0Illegal
518Star City Housing SchemeFaisalabad0Illegal
519Subhan villasFaisalabad0Illegal
520SubhanAllah GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
521Sultan Town,Faisalabad0Illegal
522Sultan ValleyFaisalabad0Illegal
523Super ValleyFaisalabad0Illegal
524Tarrar GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
525Tayaba townFaisalabad0Illegal
526Umair TownFaisalabad0Illegal
527Umair TownFaisalabad0Illegal
528Umar CityFaisalabad0Illegal
529Umar GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
530Umer BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
531Umer GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
532Umer StreetFaisalabad0Illegal
533Universal TownFaisalabad0Illegal
534Valencia Garden executive block,Faisalabad0Illegal
535VIP blockFaisalabad0Illegal
536Wadi e ismaeelFaisalabad0Illegal
537Waheed GardenFaisalabad0Illegal
538Wali Abad Shareef Azafi AbadiFaisalabad0Illegal
539Wali Town (Latif Garden),Faisalabad0Illegal
540Waqas TownFaisalabad0Illegal
541Waseem TownFaisalabad0Illegal
542Waseem TownFaisalabad0Illegal
543Welcome CityFaisalabad0Illegal
544Yousaf TownFaisalabad0Illegal
545Yousaf Town Ayesha BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
546Zainab BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
547Zayan Markeet/ Zayan TownFaisalabad0Illegal
548Zeenat Town VIP BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
549Zohra BlockFaisalabad0Illegal
550Abdullah Block Chak No. 229/RB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
551Abdullah City, Chak No. 233/ RB, Samundari Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
552Abdullah Garden Phase-II Chak No.204, Canal Road FaislabadFaisalabad0Under Process
553Abdullah Garden, Chak No. 222/ RB, Samundari Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
554Abdullah Valley Chak No. 219/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
555Abdullah Valley Chak No.235/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
556Adan Garden, Chak No. 100/JB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
557Afzal Residencia Chak No. 59/JB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
558Ahmad Din Valley Chak no. 225/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
559Ahmad Green Valley Chak No 117/JB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
560Ahmad Valley Private Housing Scheme, Chak No. 67/JB, Jhang Road, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
561Ahmed Canal View Chak No247/RB Samundari toJhang BypassFaisalabad0Under Process
562Ahmed City Chak No.219/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
563Airport City Chak No. 66/JB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
564AJS Housing Chak No. 215/RB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
565Al Hadi Garden Chak No. 74/JB Jhang Road Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
566Al Haq HomesChak No.223/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
567Al Harmen City, Chak No. 225/RB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
568Al Karam Villas Chak No. 245/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
569Al Noor CityFaisalabad0Under Process
570Al Noor Valley Chak No. 100/JB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
571Al Raheem Valley Phase-II Chak No.215/RBFaisalabad0Under Process
572Al Rehmat Villas, Dhudi wala Rajbah, Chak No. 214/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
573Al-Faris Block Chak No 07/JB,FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
574AL-Faris Garden Chak No.117/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
575Al-Jannat Valley Chak No.208/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
576Al-Noor Garden, Chak No. 208/RB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
577Al-Noor Homes Chak No. 203/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
578Al-Raha Chak No. 208/RB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
579Alfa Town, Chak No. 186/RB, Jhumra, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
580Ali Garden Chak No. 117/JB,Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
581Ali Town Chak No. 100/JB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
582Allied City Chak No. 233/ RB, Samundri Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
583Allied Housing Scheme, Chak No. 242/ RB, Samundri Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
584Apna Ghar Apni Jannat Chak No. 8/JB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
585Arham Garden Chak No. 58/JB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
586Arish Villas Chak No. 189/RB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
587Aslam Block Chak No. 215/RB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
588Ayesha Garden Chak No. 121/Jb FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
589Azaan City Chak No. 239/GB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
590Azmir Villas, Chak No. 234/RB, Samundari Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
591Baab Ul Jannah Chak No. 08/JB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
592Bilawal Executive Block Chak No. 219/RB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
593Bismillah Garden Chak No.209/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
594Bismillah Valley Chak No.229/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
595Blossom Avenue / City, Chak No. 239/RB, Satyana Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
596Buraq valleyFaisalabad0Under Process
597Canal Avenue Chak No. 210/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
598Canal Breeze Chak No. 192/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
599Canal Park VIP Block , Chak No. 204/RB, Canal Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
600Citi Housing Phase-II Chak No. 4/JB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
601City Villas, Chak No. 234/RB, Samundari Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
602Deens Paradise Phase-II, Chak No. 243/RB, Samundari Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
603Deens Paradise, Chak No. 233/RB, Samundari Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
604Deens Valley Chak No. 233/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
605Devine Enclave Chak No. 204/Rb FaislabadFaisalabad0Under Process
606Dream Land, Chak No. 234/RB, Samundari Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
607Dream Valley Chak No. 186/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
608Dream Villas Chak No.66/JB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
609Eden Valley, Chak No. 208/ RB, 8 Chak Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
610Eden View Chak No.121/GB Faisalabad Road JaranwalaFaisalabad0Under Process
611Elite Block, Chak No. 234/RB, Samundari Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
612Emman City Chak No. 61/GB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
613Express Valley Chak No. 193/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
614Ghalib City, Chak No. 208/ RB,8 Chak Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
615Ghalib Vally Phase-II, Chak No. 67/JB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
616Ghazi Shah Town, Chak No. 245/RB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
617Grand Housing Arena Chak No. 235/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
618GREEN BLOCK PHASE-I II, Chak No. 204/RB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
619Green City, Chak No. 117 /JB, Millat Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
620Green Top City Chak No. 266/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
621Green World City Chak No. 225/RB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
622Gulbeg City Chak No.139/GB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
623Gulshan Ali,Chak No. 238/RB, Satyana Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
624Gulshan e Rehman 198/RB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
625Gulshan e Sultan Baho, Chak No. 225/RB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
626Gulshan e Yousaf Chak No 121/JB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
627Gulshan-e- Fareed, Chak No. 07 /JB, Daewoo Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
628Gulshan-e- Fatima Chak No. 67/JB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
629Gulshan-e- Habib, Chak No 263/RB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
630Gulshan-e-Hameed, Chak No. 120/ JB, Sargodha Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
631Gulshan-e-Haram, Chak No. 222/ RB, Samundari Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
632Gulshan-e-Madina Ameer Hamza Block, Chak No. 120/ JB, Sargodha Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
633Gulshane-e-Haram Villas Chak no.223/RB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
634Hadayat Garden Chak No.263/RB, Dijkot Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
635Haider Orchard Chak No. 119/GB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
636Haider Town Chak No. 197/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
637Hassan Garden Chak No. 48/JB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
638Hassan Villas, Chak No. 208/ RB, 8 Chak Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
639Heaven Valley Chak No. 263/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
640Heaven Villas Chak No. 217/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
641Hussain City Chak No. 187/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
642Hussnain City Chak No. 5/JB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
643Ibrahim Block Chak No. 07/JB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
644Ibrahim Valley Chak No 117/RB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
645Ideal Garden,Chak No. 100/ JB, Narwala Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
646Ideal Homes Chak No. 120/JB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
647Imtiaz Villas, Chak No. 222/ RB, Samundari Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
648Islamia Garden Chak No. 103/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
649Ismaeel City , Chak No. 07 /JB, Daewoo Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
650Ismaeel City, Chak No. 123/ JB, Daewoo Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
651Ismael Valley Phase-II Chak No. 7/JB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
652Ismael Valley Phase-III Chak No. 7/JB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
653Jalvi Garden Chak No.227/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
654Jewan Valley Chak No. 225/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
655Jhan-e-Andalius, Chak No. 204/ RB, Canal Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
656Jinnah Garden Chak No. 466/GB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
657Kamal Villas Chak No. 121/JB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
658Kareem Garden,Chak No. 238/ RB, Jaran Wala Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
659Kareem Villas, Chak No. 238/RB, Jaran Wala Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
660Khayaban Housing Chak No.235/RB Samundari Road FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
661Khayaban Valley, Chak No. 213/ RB, Susan Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
662Khayban-e-Mustafa Chak No. 193&200/RB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
663Khyaban Green, Chak No. 215 /RB & 226/ RB, Jaran Wala Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
664Latif Garden Extenesion Chak No. 197/RB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
665Luxury Enclave, Chak No. 234/RB, Samundari Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
666Lyall Pur City, Chak No. 416/GB Tandlian Wala, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
667Lyallpur Homes Chak No 05/JB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
668Lyallpur Housing Chak No. 3/JB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
669Lyallpur Villas Executive Block Chak No. 204/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
670Madina Paradise 235/RB, Niamoana RoadFaisalabad0Under Process
671Makkah Town Chak No. 229/Rb FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
672Master City Chak No. 7 /JB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
673Meezab Town, Chak No. 118/JB, Sargodha Road, Faisalabad. (Not Developed at site)Faisalabad0Under Process
674Misaq Residencia Chak No. 08/JB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
675Model City Executive Block Chak no.238/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
676Model City Extension, Chak No. 208/ RB, 8 Chak Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
677Model City No. 1, Chak No. 208/ RB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
678Model City-I (Extension-II), Chak No. 208/RB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
679Model City-I (Extension-III), Chak No. 208/RB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
680Modern Smart City -I Chak No.236/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
681Modern Smart City-II Chak No. 263/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
682Modern Smart City-IV Chak No. 410/GB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
683Moon Housing Society Chak No. 68/JB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
684Motorway City Ghazi Ilm Din Shaheed Block, Chak No. 05 /JB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
685Motorway City, Chak No. 05/JB, Sargodha Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
686Motorway Homes Chak No. 05/JB, 07/JB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
687My Housing0Under Process
688Naseem Garden, Chak No. 71/GB, Satyana Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
689Naseem Town, Chak No. 216/RB, Faisalabad,Faisalabad0Under Process
690Naseem Valley Chak No 216/RB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
691Nasir Block Chak No.219/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
692Nawab Style City, Chak No. 120/ JB, Daewoo Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
693Nazimabad Valley, Chak No. 220/ RB, Rehmania Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
694New Canal Garden, Chak No. 296/ RB, Samundari Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
695New Ghulshan E Madina, Chak No. 59/JB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
696New Gulberg Private Housing Scheme, Chak No. 263/RB Dijkot Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
697New Lyallpur City Chak no.225/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
698Noor Eecutive Block Chak No. 208/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
699Oakland VillasFaisalabadUnder Process
700Oasis One Chak No. 209/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
701Omega Enclave Chak No. 113/JB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
702Palm City, Chak No. 239/RB Satyana Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
703Palm Garden Chak 242/RB Near Titanic Resort FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
704Palm Valley Executive Block Chak No.219/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
705Palm Village Chak No. 68/JB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
706Paradise Palm Chak No.234/RB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
707Paradise Valley Chak No. 198/RB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
708Paradise Valley Phase-II, Chak NO. 193/RB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
709Paradise Valley Phase-III, Chak NO. 193&200/RB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
710Paramount City Chak No 239/RBFaisalabad0Under Process
711Pearl Block Chak No. 200/RB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
712Pearl Residencia Chak No. 228/RB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
713Prime Block Chak NO. 197/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
714Prime Campus Chak No. 226/RB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
715Prime City Extension Chak No.238/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
716Prime Valley Chak No. 225/RB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
717Raheem Garden, Chak No. 222/ RB, Off Smundari Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
718Raza City Chak No. 239/GB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
719Rehman Garden Executive Block Chak No.7/JB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
720Rehman Garden-II, Chak No. 07/JB, Daewoo Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
721Rehman Park / Qamar Executive Block Chak No. 197/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
722Rehman Valley Chak No.74/JB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
723Rehman Village Extension, Chak No. 241/RB, Jhang Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
724Rehman Villas, Chak No. 226/ RB, Jaran Wala Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
725Rehmat Garden Chak No. 222/RB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
726Riaz Garden, Chak No. 08/ JB, Daewoo Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
727Riaz Garden/Bashir Executive Block, Chak No. 08/JB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
728Roshan Block Chak No. 243/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
729Royal City Chak No 245/RB FaisalabaadFaisalabad0Under Process
730Royal Garden 217/RB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
731Royal palm Chak No. 196/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
732S.S Avenue Chak No. 227/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
733Saddique Garden Chak No. 225/RB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
734Safdar Shoukat Villas Chak No. 199/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
735Shadab Co-Operative housing Society, Chak No. 199/ RB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
736Shafi Villas Chak No. 235/Rb FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
737Shifa Valley Chak No. 236/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
738Sidhar City, Chak No. 67/ JB, Jhang Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
739Sitara Executive Chak No. 120/JB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
740Sitara Gold City Phase-III Chak No. 08/JB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
741Sitara Gold City-II Chak No. 239/RB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
742Sitara Gulshan-e-Aziz, Chak No. 123/JB, Daewoo Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
743Sitara Palm City chak No. 192/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
744Sitara Valley Phase-II, Chak No. 197/RB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
745Sky Land City Chak No. 266/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
746Smart City Chak No. 198/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
747SMD Homes, Chak No. 121/ JB, Sargodha Road, Near Same Nala, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
748Subhan Garden Chak no 07/JB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
749Sun City Chak No.416/GB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
750Sunder Garden, Chak No. 51/JB, Borey Waal Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
751Tech Residencia Chak No. 225/RB FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
752Tech Town, Chak No. 204/RB, Canal Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
753TECH Town, Phase-IV, Chak No. 226/RB, Satyana Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
754The Four Seasons Phase-III, Chak No.234/RB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
755The Meadows Phase-III, Chak No. 234/RB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
756The Spring Villas Chak No.216/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
757Umar Garden Chak No. 187/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
758Umer Exectutive Block Chak No. 07/JB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
759Umer Valley Chak No. 197/RB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
760Unique City 223/RB,Grid Station Road Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
761Valencia Garden Executive Block, Chak No. 233/RB, Samundari Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
762Valencia Garden, Chak No. 233/ RB, Samundari Road, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
763Viceroy City Chak No. 192&188/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
764Wadi-e-Aban Chak No.200/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
765Wadi-e-Afan Chak No. 193&200/RB, FaisalabadFaisalabad0Under Process
766Wadi-e-Safa Chak No. 216/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
767WAPDA City-II Chak No. 192/RB, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
768Zaman Block Chak No.239/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
769Zamzama Housing Scheme Chak 215/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
770Zee Garden Phase-II, Chak No. 198/RB Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process
771Zohra Town, Chak No. 420/GB, Tandlianwala, Faisalabad.Faisalabad0Under Process

So if you’re in the market for a new home and see a housing scheme on the FDA Approved list, you can rest easy knowing it has been thoroughly vetted for your peace of mind.